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Growing your business have you feeling like this guy?

What you need is a stable financial partner with their own capital available who has never seen a deal too big to fund in over 20 years.And, what you need also is a trusted financial partner with a no bait and switch reputation and 20 years in the industry providing servicing solutions for auto dealerships that have a buy here pay here operation, captive finance companies, and independent finance companies.

Yes, we buy auto notes for sale and we help you turn inventory into cash!

So, if you want to sell bulk receivables or simply need options for your car financial services business, United Acceptance is a partner you need to look into. We help with all types of automotive credit:

  • Auto notes
  • Dealer capital
  • Mid-stream buy here pay here financing

We eliminate the hassles and restrictions that many dealers have when selling auto note portfolio accounts. You sell your auto notes with confidence when you partner with the bhph funding champions of United Acceptance!


Who is United Acceptance?

We are a financial services company that buys auto receivables, providing much needed dealer capital to the “Buy Here Pay Here” auto dealership industry and we specialize in buying auto notes as bulk purchases from “Buy Here Pay Here” auto dealerships. With a proven partner like United Acceptance to turn auto notes into cash, you have greater leverage to offer to more of your customers, you have an advantage over your competition, and you have our 20 years of experience to rely on in servicing buy here pay here paper, so you know your customers will be well taken care of which will be key to them coming back.

Why Do Business With United Acceptance?

Because since 1991, that’s over 20 years, we have provided capital funding for buy here pay here operations, as well as those captive finance companies and independent finance companies that operate in the bhph business. So whether you want to sell bulk receivables, or simply want to see more options for your car financial services needs, United Acceptance can show you the cash value of any auto notes for sale that you have. We’ll help you turn that inventory into cash, doing what we do better than anyone in the industry, buy bulk auto paper auto notes.

What’s the Benefit of Selling My Retail Installment Contracts in Bulk?

Offering your alternative credit and subprime auto finance customers automotive credit as a BHPH dealership can be a “win-win” for you and for them, but the risks are there too and need to be managed. The key is not to feel too pressured by worrying if you’re going to run out of capital once your initial inventory is sold. At United Acceptance, we help you meet the demands of capital for inventory and risk managing your cash to volume ratios by offering a friendly way to manage how much of your dealership’s cash goes into every deal. Once the note is seasoned, we are your partner in any note you want to sell by offering you cash value for every current mid-stream retail installment contract you have in your inventory.


We eliminate the hassles and restrictions, and we’re easy to work with!

  • Other companies leave your desk looking like this?
  • Does it seem to get more complicated every step of the way?
  • Want to streamline the process and ease your workload?
  • We make selling your auto notes easy!

We’re big enough to finance any size deal, but small enough to give you the attention you deserve!

United Acceptance assists dealers to sell bulk receivables as one of the largest automobile note buyers in the country. Our auto note bulk purchasing programs are designed to quickly turn auto notes and auto retail installment contracts to cash when we buy bhph receivables that you have on your books.


We buy bulk auto notes and provide dealer capital for auto note loan portfolios when you need it in a fast, friendly and efficient manner.

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